Through our industry leading expertise and proprietary blending techniques PetroBrand Global’s Partners, engineers and chemists formulate lubricants of the highest quality for virtually every Individual application. All of the lubricants and blends are made in the USA.

PBG’s Lubricants

  • a) - Perform better & run longer
  • b) - Excel in demanding application, including extreme temperatures
  • c) - Result In more uptime and less downtime
  • d) - Using our expertise to help engineer your success.


PetroBrand Global is a Limited Liability Company headquartered In Maryland USA is a leading International, independent distributor and supplier of specialty lubricants. We formulate blend and package lubricants at our state of the art multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States.


PertoBrand Global was started by Rajesh Kumar Nedungadi  in 2010 as a international distributor of specialty lubricants with a focus to the Arabian Peninsula which consist of 7 countries


As high technology tailored products for industrial applications the business was designed from the ground up to formulate and create new products to meet our costumers real world needs and to provide a complete and reliable technical resource.

With in first 5 years of operations we quickly expanded beyond our initial product line of air compressors and refrigeration lubricants.
PBG now offers a wide range of industrial applications to the growing international markets demand.
As a business built on honesty trust, integrity and reputation we believe in our close ties and relationships worldwide.


The support of the local local & International community helped PBG become a industry leader with over a decade of serving the Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC metro area. We never forget the fact giving back is always a high priority.
PBG Supports a wide variety of charitable organizations the links are provided in our website with details.


We hold our products up to the highest industry standards. All our industrial lubricants are formulated blended and packaged via our state of the art manufacturing process. Our unique blend of expertise, quality, value and service is how we can help you succeed in your fast moving competitive environment. We will work closely with you to make sure that are completely satisfied.


Best Quality

Best Value

Best Standards

Products made in United States
Purchasing PBG Industrial lubricants provides.

  • a) - Products specially engineered for each individual system while retaining key benefits such as long fluid life.
  • b) - Consistent excellence in product quality
  • c) - Through testing of raw materials and finished products to meet strict manufacturer standards and specifications
  • d) - A complete distributor toolkit including expert technical support.